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Updated 03/10/2009


A place to buy circuit boards that are simple, useful and affordable!


Over the past several years, I have become involved in data acquisition and motion control – both for my regular job and also as a hobby.  Starting as a novice in electronics, I became frustrated trying to find a circuit design or kit that would satisfy my needs or required me to decipher cryptic symbols and drawings in order to build one.  I just wanted it laid out in front of me so I could put it together and use it – I didn’t care how it worked, just as long as it did.  I decided to start designing my own circuit boards that were cheap and not complicated but reliable.  As a result, I have collected several designs that are very useful in the realm of entry-level data acquisition and motion control.  A friend saw some of the boards I made and said that I was probably not the only one who wanted simple solutions to their DAC and M/C needs and suggested that I offer my solutions to other electronically-challenged individuals like I used to be.  These are great circuit designs for high school projects and the like.  As you will see, there are many applications where these boards would be useful – from robotics to environmental monitoring.  Most of these boards are designed to work with data acquisition boards/cards.  Thank you for visiting!


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